Orion's Belt

Composer: Nicole Chamberlain
Instrumentation: Flute Trio (details below)
Level: Advanced
Duration: 12 Minutes
Format: PDF
Price: $20.00

Finalist in the National Flute Association's 2017 Newly Published Music Competition in the Chamber Works for Flute Category

Finalist in the Chamber Music Category for the 2016 Flute New Music Consortium Composition Competition

Orion's Belt was commissioned by Areon Flutes. The namesake of Areon Flutes is a combination of Orion and aria which led to the inspiration of this trio for Areon Flutes' 10th anniversary. Orion's Belt is a suite of three dances based on the stars found on the belt of the constellation Orion.

Each movement is named after a star. The first movement is named after the brightest star, Mintaka, and is based around the foot strikes found in flamenco called zapateo. The second movement is Alnilam, translated into string of pearls, illustrated as a Sarabande. The final movement is named for the star Alnitak, actually made up of three stars, and this movement is a Troika, a dance with three dance partners.

Flute I - C flute and piccolo
Flute II - C flute and alto flute
Flute III - C flute and bass flute