Aimer, C'est Agir
(To Love Is To Act)

Performed by Matthieu Clavé & Victor Pons:
Composer: Nicole Chamberlain
Instrumentation: alto flute & vibraphone
Level: Advanced
Duration: About 5 1/2 Minutes
Format: PDF
Price: $15.00

Aimer, C'est Agir was commissioned by Matthieu Clavé for The Soundscape Series, a classical music concert series in three movements designed to inspire, enlighten, and educate. This piece was commissioned specifically for the final concert in the series called "New Works - Under Construction" which was a reflection on the progress accomplished in terms of social change, and the work ahead of us that remains. Like music, building bridges and changing habits require perseverance.

"Aimer, c'est agir" is believed to be the final words of French author and activist Victor Hugo. "Aimer, c'est agir" translates to "To love is to act". It was Hugo's life work to shine a spotlight on social injustice and work for change. In order to spark change, we must act - in order to truly love one another, we must get involved. Sometimes getting started is challenging and small, but over time momentum can build to create change not only for ourselves, but more importantly for others who desperately need it.